IMG_3224My husband often accuses me of seeing the world as it should be rather than as it is.  While I don’t think he intends it as such, I take this as a compliment.  With a Quaker music teacher father and a Christian mystic mother, I learned to search for the good in everyone. That, more than anything, is my guiding principle in life.  I am sometimes credited with being able to make the best of any situation, being positive and always looking on the bright side.  While cynics will call me naive, I prefer to think of it as vulnerable and open to possibilities.  I will most often assume that someone’s intention is good even if I don’t agree with his position.

I have a Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy, but I’m neither a lawyer, nor a diplomat.  I’m currently a stay-at-home mother and wife, attempting to raise three grounded children in Los Angeles and to adjust to life back in the U.S. after eight years abroad.   I used to work, but now I mostly drive kids around.  I have tried many different iterations of career life before and during parenting, and find that each has rewards and difficulties.   I’m curious to find any parent who has it all figured out.

On writing, a family friend and Stanford professor gave me some great advice.  He said, “Most of us, when we are asked our feelings about something respond by telling people what we think they’d like to hear, or repeat something we’ve heard somewhere else.  Writing doesn’t let you do that–it dies on the page if you do.  If, however, you come clean, first with yourself and then with your reader, you will find out how you really feel about something.  And knowing that you’ll rarely do something against yourself.“

So, this is my attempt to write things down and figure out how I really feel about them.  I hope to share musings on raising children abroad, mindfulness, travel, Quakerism, healthy living, Hong Kong, and whatever else amusedly crosses my path.


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