“Tiger Mother” or “Panda Mom,” they both face extinction.

Re-posting in recognition of International Women’s Day today.

I wrote this a few years ago as the Tiger Mother phenomenon was raging.  It still reflects my thoughts on parenting:

As an American woman living in Hong Kong, so far away from family and friends, I rely on Facebook not only as a way to keep in touch, but as a pulse point for news.  You would have thought that a revolution had started when I turned on my computer to find no fewer that a dozen friends had posted links to a Wall Street Journal article entitled, “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior” by Amy Chua.   While Ms. Chua makes a very strong case for the Tiger Mother that I must admit did explain some play date behavior and made the hairs on my neck bristle at the “everybody gets a trophy” liberal parenting camp, the pressure cooker approach she espouses is bound to blow.

A wise friend in…

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One thought on ““Tiger Mother” or “Panda Mom,” they both face extinction.

  1. You are amazing — not only is your writing beautiful, it is passionate, intuitive, thought-provoking, and as always, right on the spot. You make me so very, very proud to be your step-mother who arranged your 10th birthday party at McDonald’s. As we have evolved over the years, I find that a truly laugh out loud, for me very poignant and life changing moment. Thank you for who you are and for making the world a better place, not only for my wonderful grandchildren as their incredible mom, but for everyone who encounters you. Much love.

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